ROUTE MASTER is a mobile-based information system (HHC – handheld computer, smartphones, or tablet devices) designed to support sales staff on the field and for management user who can use  tracking on-site sales: sales points, downloading customer orders , Post Delivery Certificates (PoDs), signing of POS equipment and materials, filling in custom questionnaires and forms, meeting the pre-set goals and tasks.

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Track sales on the ground

Customer record of customer visits, purchase of customer orders, receipt of goods delivery, invoicing, records of the equipment in question. Monitoring of agreed promotions, additional displays, shares, competition ... Records of all other activities: filling in custom questionnaires and forms, meeting the set goals and tasks


For each customer, basic address, parent, contact person, telephone, fax number ... as well as advanced traffic data, debit analysis (total / due, age per day), credit limits, blockages, sales history by products, contracted assorted goods, records of the equipment in charge (refrigerators, coffee machines balls ...)

Categorization of customers

Customer sales points can be categorized on an unlimited number of criteria, eg by sales channel, by size of sales space, by volume, by type, by format, etc. By customer categorization, it is possible to divide data by categorization criteria to obtain better quality reports for targeting and filtering some activities for customers of different categories.

Confirmation of delivery

Distribution of goods in wholesale with delivery of goods to the buyer requires the supplier to provide exactly for each buyer the goods ordered by the buyer and prepared on the electronic invoice. The biggest need for such a system is to have companies selling the so-called. "unregulated" goods, ie commodities ordered separately, and delivered according to weight (meat industry, bakeries, dairy ...), precisely because of the corrections to be made on the delivery of weighing goods. This system is also unavoidable for companies that need to apply traceability to the point of sale.
Verified e-invoice can be printed on a mobile printer and, if necessary, may be issued with an invoice with possible fiscalization.

Responding to the effectiveness of a reseller

The completion of the work at a particular point of sale creates a record of the visited visit to the buyer entering the date and time of the start and end of the tour, any reason why there was no sale, the number of issued documents, the number of completed questionnaires etc. The buyer on the hodogram receives a visual mark "Made" that gives the user a good overview of the work on the end of the day. In addition, a mandatory record of the current geographic (GPS) position of the user / device can be made to track motion and optimize the hodogram. If the option is turned on
mileage records, the mileage of the car in charge can also be monitored.


In the process of making an order in an application, the sales representative is only one click, all customer information is available: sales history, last order, contracted assortments, or product categories for the customer, action items, and various initiatives: new castings, etc. In the same process, while creating the order, the user can also record the status of the police presence (OOS) for each item, photograph the shelf, enter the retail price, etc.

Outpatient sales

This wholesale mode is based on direct sales from trucks without pre-ordering (Van sales). As a rule, it is used by companies with smaller product assortments, which typically have a long life span. The car with the goods in the application is monitored as a special warehouse, and at any time it has an insight into the current state of the stock and all the previous entrances and exits of the goods. Inventory items are also followed by LOT / Batch series. The application supports printing of accounts on bluetooth mobile printers with embedded fiscal accounts. The use of embedded or bluetooth barcode scanners is fully supported and automated.

Upgrading sales

This application module program is particularly useful in wholesale systems where there is no direct delivery of goods to the point of sale, ie retail goods are delivered by contracted company distributors, or the customer is a large retailer and contractually cares for the loading of the goods on the shelves.
By applying a system of customizable questionnaires and forms, an arbitrarily large set of data on the status of goods on shelves, monitoring of contracted shares, retail prices, additional exhibitions and promotions, presence and competition activities can be collected, with an unlimited number of positions for photographing within a sales object.
With the addition of the system of tasks it is possible to fully cover both contracted positions and shares, as well as additional exposure, casting, and promotions (eg price reduction), so that the application provides accurate notifications for each contracted / negotiated activity as well as the obligation to record by the sales representative that an individual activity was performed or not, and whether it is in compliance with the contract / arrangement. If there is additional exposure, it is always necessary to photograph the position in the object.

Borrowed equipment at the customer

The application allows the user to record, or view the status of the equipment in question at a particular customer. For example, refrigerators, bars, cafes, umbrellas, etc. are selected. The user selects the model of the device from the list of equipment and for some equipment only the amount is added, and for the more valuable equipment the serial number or the inventory number of the device. There is a possibility of issuing a new buyer's order in order to prepare a back office order, and is realized at the point of sale. Also, the lack of or withdrawal of the device / equipment from the customer is recorded for servicing or permanent.

Ušteda vremena i ljudski resursa

ROUTE MASTER sustav smanjuje troškove koji nastaju zbog višestrukog prepisivanja narudžbi kupaca, tako da nema potrebe za osobljem čiji su zadaci prepisivanje narudžbe koje su napravili djelatnici na terenu

Satisfied customers

The system reduces the number of incorrectly completed orders (or invoices), and therefore the number of wrong deliveries because only the person in the field is being contacted in direct contact with the buyer. In this way, customer relationships are improved, while at the same time reducing the cost of misrepresentation and return of goods.

Saves postage costs

The ROUTE MASTER system abolishes the costs of postponing the invoice for the goods delivered to the outpatient sales system of goods from the delivery vehicle.

Responsiveness to the point of sale

ROUTE MASTER with the help of Barcode (and in the future and RFID) technology enables the traceability of goods to the level of the customer, in such a way that the LOT or SSCC codes of goods bearing the information on the origin of the goods and the length of time are recorded on the delivery point directly to the customer.

Reduced costs of refrigerators and equipment in customer leases

ZROUTE MASTER allows you to save on customer equipment (refrigerators, showcases, utilities, ...) or on promotional materials (umbrellas, benches, glasses, chairs, shelves, ...) so that all records are kept in the system the type of equipment and the place of debriefing / denunciation and the status of functionality. Accurate records also achieve a better customer relationship, which ultimately enhances sales.

Indirect customers

The ROUTE MASTER system also enables the registration and entry of new customers into the system, especially in the case that customers do not lead to the ERP database and the goods are delivered via external distributors. Such buyers are not subject to commercial conditions, but all the records of the equipment are rented, promoted and monitored by marketing.

GPS technology and productivity increase

Currently, the ROUTE MASTER system has the option of collecting geographic sales locations, as well as marking geographic locations on a commercial motion map. In the future, this system can expand to visual tracking by integrating this data into folders (eg Google Maps, Garmin ...).

More productive commercialists

The ROUTE MASTER system increases the productivity of field staff and enables you to have up-to-date customer information, debts, sales, new items, item prices, stocks, etc. at all times, thus generating savings in time spent searching for information over the phone, browsing paper, traveling to the office by information. Additionally, by monitoring the work of field salesmen, their productivity is increased in such a way that management can promptly warn about empty strokes or mistakes in their work. This is particularly prominent in sales promoters whose effect can not be directly and explicitly evaluated without such a system.

Optimize inventory

The ROUTE MASTER system, using GPRS / GSM wireless technology, enables timely delivery of orders from the delivery point, allowing warehouse staff timely delivery of goods delivery, as well as timely anticipation of new volume purchases for goods with increased traffic. In this way optimization of inventory is achieved, especially for systems with limited storage capacities.

Digital Buyer Signature for Order Verification

Using advanced technology, the system allows you to sign an order or delivery document directly to your mobile device display. The stored signature is then available for verification to all responsible persons in the POD - Proof Of Delivery.

Quality marketing information about customers and market

ROUTE MASTER enables sales enhancement through customer and market processing through an adaptable survey system and marketing questionnaires. Analytical data on customers, customer needs, products, competition products and market trends gained through this system provide management of important business information, which is the basis for quality business decisions.

Supervision mode

The ROUTE MASTER system has elaborated profiling of end-user software that enables a hierarchical organization in business. Senior users (eg sales managers) have at all times the ability to gain sales data from their subordinate system and thus have a look at the performance of their subordinate users while they are on the ground.

Specifications of technical equipment

The ROUTE MASTER system consists of three software components, and for the functioning of the system it is necessary to provide the equipment and the minimum technical requirements for the operation of the system for each of the three components

Route Master

To use ROUTE MASTER software in the field, it is necessary to provide handheld computers with the following

  • OS: Windows Mobile 5.0(i više) HandHeld uređaji:
  •       – memorija: 64 MB RAM / 128 MB ROM
  •       – Ekran: veličina: min. 2.8” dijagonalno, rezolucija: min. 320×240
  •       – (za uređaje s kapacitivnom ekranom min. 3.7” dijagonalno)
  • OS: Android OS 2.2(i više) smartphone ili tablet:
  •       – memorija: 512 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
  •       – Ekran: veličina: min. 3.7” dijagonalno, rezolucija: min. 320×240
  • USB konekcija (za instalaciju)
  • WAN: ugrađen GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/3G modul
  • WLAN: IEEE 802.11b (opcionalno)
  • Bluetooth (opcionalno)
  • barkod čitač (opcionalno)
  • GPS modul (opcionalno)
  • kamera (opcionalno)

To use the ROUTE MASTER system for outpatient sales or delivery delivery certificates, portable printers have the following features:

  • spajanje: Bluetooth ili RS232
  • protokol: ESC/P ili PCL
  • format papira: Form, Perforated, Roll; bilo koje dimenzije
  • radna temperatura: -10°C do +50°C
  • napajanje: 12/24V istosmjerno


To install the SBackoffice application client of the ROUTE MASTER system suite, you need a PC with the following minimum requirements:

  • procesor: Intel Celeron 2GHz
  • memorija: 1GB RAM
  • disk: 50 GB HDD
  • ekran: 17“ display
  • LAN: mrežni adapter 10/100/1000 Mb
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8

Data Integrator

The Data Integrator as a ROUTE MASTER BackUp Server and Microsoft SQL Server Installation requires a server with minimum requirements as follows:

  • procesor: 1 x Intel Xeon ili sličan procesor (poželjno: „dual core“ ili „quad core“)
  • memorija: min. 3 GB DDR2 RAM
  • disk: min. 80 GB HDD
  • LAN: 1Gb mrežni adapter
  • OS: Windows 2003 server SP1 ili više

Za manje sustave sa malim brojem korisnika SBackoffice aplikacije, moguća je i instalacija na obično PC računalo viših karakteristika sa Windows 7 Profesional operativnim sustavom.