ROUTE MASTER is an information system based on mobile devices (HHC – Handheld Computer, Smartphones, or Tablets) intended to support sales staff in the field, and the user is used for computer monitoring of sales in the field: processing outlets, taking orders from customers, issuing invoices, confirmation of delivery of goods (PoD), records of POS equipment and materials, filling in customized questionnaires and forms, and fulfilling the set goals and tasks..

Tracking sales in the field

Records of visits to customers, collection of orders from customers, confirmation of delivery of goods, issuance of invoices, records of equipment in charge. Monitoring the agreed promotions, additional shop windows, shares, competition ... Records of all other activities: filling out customized questionnaires and forms, and fulfilling the set goals and tasks


Basic data on address, ID number, contact person, telephone, fax ... are available for each customer, as well as advanced traffic data, debt analysis (total / due, age by days), credit limits, blockades, sales history by items, contracted assortments of goods, records of indebted equipment (refrigerators, coffee machines, taps ...)

Customer categorization

Customer outlets can be categorized into an unlimited number of criteria, e.g. by sales channel, by sales space size, by traffic volume, by type, by format, etc. Customer categorization provides the ability to separate data by categorization criteria in order to obtain better quality reports, as well as the ability to target and filter some activities for customers of different categories.

Proof of delivery

Wholesale distribution of goods with the delivery of goods to the customer requires the supplier to issue for each customer exactly the goods ordered from the customer and prepared on the electronic delivery note. The biggest need for the application of such a system is in the companies that sell the so-called "unequalized" goods, ie. goods that are ordered piece by piece, and delivered by weight (meat industry, bakery, dairy ...), precisely because of the corrections that must be made on the delivery of weighted goods. This system is also indispensable for companies that need to apply traceability of goods to the point of sale.
The confirmed electronic invoice can be printed on a mobile printer, and if necessary, an invoice can be issued with possible fiscalization.

Monitoring sellers performance

Completion of work at an individual point of sale creates a record of the visit to the customer, which records the date and time of the beginning and end of the tour, any reason why there was no sale, the number of documents issued, the number of completed questionnaires and the like. The customer on the timeline receives a visual indication that it has been "done", which gives the user a good overview of the work on the timeline at the end of the day. Additionally, a mandatory record of the current geographical (GPS) position of the user/device can be set, in order to monitor the movement and optimize the flow chart. If the option is enabled
mileage records, you can also monitor the efficiency per kilometer of the vehicle in charge.


In the process of creating an order in the application, the sales representative is available with just one click, all customer information is available: sales history, last order, contracted assortments, or assortments for the customer category, items on sale, and various initiatives: etc. In the same process, while creating an order, the user can record the status of presence on the shelf (OOS) for each item, photograph the shelf, enter the retail price, etc.

Outpatient sales

This way of wholesale is based on direct sales from trucks without prior ordering of goods (Van sales). As a rule, it is used by manufacturers with a smaller range of goods, which usually have long shelf life. The vehicle with the goods in the application is monitored as a separate warehouse, and at all times there is an insight into the current state of stocks and all previous entrances and exits of goods. Stocks of items are additionally monitored by LOT / Batch series. The application supports printing invoices to Bluetooth mobile printers with built-in account fiscalization. The use of built-in or Bluetooth barcode scanners is fully supported and automated.

Sales promotion

This software module of the application is especially useful in wholesale systems where there is no direct delivery of goods to the point of sale, ie, goods are delivered to retail by contracted distributors, or the customer is a large retail chain and under the contract takes care of filling the shelves.
By applying a system of customizable questionnaires and forms, an arbitrarily large set of data on the condition of goods on the shelves, monitoring of contracted shares, retail prices, additional exhibitions and promotions, presence and activities of the competition, etc. can be collected. with an unlimited number of photography positions within the store.
With the addition of a system of tasks, it is possible to fully monitor the contracted positions and shares, as well as additional exposures, listings, and promotions (eg price reduction), in such a way that the application provides accurate notifications for each contracted/agreed activity. by the sales representative that a particular activity has been performed or not, and whether it is in accordance with the contract/agreement. In the case of additional exhibitions, the position in the building must always be photographed.

Indebted equipment at the customer

The application allows the user to record, or review the status of the charged equipment at an individual customer. They are recorded e.g. refrigerators, taps, coffee machines, umbrellas, etc. The user selects the device model from the list of equipment and enters only the quantity for some equipment, and for more valuable equipment, the serial or inventory number of the device. There is a possibility of issuing a new device to the customer by preparing an order in the back office, and it is realized at the point of sale. The lack or withdrawal of the device/equipment from the customer due to servicing or permanently is also recorded.

Save time and human resource

The ROUTE MASTER system reduces the costs incurred due to multiple rewriting of customer orders, so there is no need for staff whose tasks are to rewrite orders made by field staff.

Satisfied customers

The system reduces the number of incorrectly filled orders (or invoices), and thus the number of incorrect deliveries, because only a person in the field makes an entry in direct contact with the customer. In this way, customer relations are improved, and at the same time the costs of wrong deliveries and returns are reduced.

Save on postage costs

The ROUTE MASTER system eliminates the costs of subsequent sending of invoices for issued goods with the system with outpatient sale of goods from the delivery vehicle.

Traceability to the point of sale level

ROUTE MASTER with the help of barcode (and in the future RFID) technology enables the traceability of goods up to the customer's level, by directly recording LOT or SSCC codes of goods at the delivery point, with the customer, which carry information about the origin of goods and expiration dates.

Reduced costs of refrigerators and equipment for rented from customers

ROUTE MASTER enables savings on equipment in charge of customers (refrigerators, display cases, service appliances, ...) or on promotional materials (umbrellas, counters, glasses, chairs, shelves, ...) in a way that all records are kept in the system by type of equipment and place of debit / debt and functionality status. Accurate records also achieve a better relationship with customers, which ultimately enhances sales.

Indirect customers

The ROUTE MASTER system enables the registration and entry of new customers into the system, especially in the event that customers are not registered in the ERP database and the goods are delivered to them through external distributors. No commercial conditions are kept for such customers, but all records of rented equipment, promotional materials and marketing processing are kept.

GPS technology and increased productivity

Currently, the ROUTE MASTER system has the option of collecting geographical locations of points of sale, as well as recording geographical locations on the flow chart of commercialists. In the future, this system can be extended to visual tracking by integrating this data into maps (eg Google Maps, Garmin ...).

More productive commercialists

The ROUTE MASTER system increases the productivity of field staff and enables them to have fresh and up-to-date information on customers, debts, sales, new items, item prices, stock levels, etc. at all times. which saves time spent searching for information over the phone, browsing paperwork, traveling to the office for information. Additionally, monitoring the work of field salespeople increases their productivity in a way that management can warn of idle moves or errors in their work in a timely manner. This is particularly pronounced in sales promoters whose performance cannot be evaluated directly and explicitly without such a system.

Inventory optimization

ROUTE MASTER system, using GPRS / GSM wireless technology allows timely sending of orders from the delivery point, which allows warehouse staff to prepare the delivery of goods in a timely manner, as well as timely forecast the purchase of new quantities for goods with increased turnover. In this way, inventory optimization is achieved, especially for systems with limited storage capacity.

Digital customer signature to confirm the order

Using advanced technology, the system allows you to sign an order or delivery document directly to the screen of a mobile device. The stored signature is then available for verification to all responsible persons in the company's supply chain (POD - Proof Of Delivery).

Better marketing information about customers and the market

ROUTE MASTER enables sales improvement by processing customers and the market using a customizable system of surveys and marketing questionnaires. Analytical data on customers, customer needs, products, competition products and market trends, obtained through this system, provide management with significant business information, which is the basis for quality business decisions.

Supervisory working mode

The ROUTE MASTER system has elaborated profiling of software end users that enables hierarchical organization in business. Parent users (eg sales managers) have the ability to retrieve sales data from the system for their subordinate users at any time, and thus have an overview of the performance of their subordinate users while they are in the field.

Technical equipment specifications

ROUTE MASTER system consists of three software components, and for the functioning of the system it is necessary to provide equipment and minimum technical requirements for the operation of the system for each of the three components

Route Master

To use the ROUTE MASTER software in the field, it is necessary to provide the following handheld computers characteristic:

  • OS: Windows Mobile 5.0 (and above) HandHeld devices:
    • Memory: 64 MB RAM / 128 MB ROM
    • Screen size: min. 2.8” diagonally, resolution: min. 320×240
    • (for devices with capacitive display min. 3.7” diagonally)
    • OS: Android OS 2.2(i više) smartphone or tablet:
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
    • Screen size: min. 3.7” diagonally, resolution: min. 320×240
  • USB connection (for installation)
  • WAN: built-in GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/3G module
  • WLAN: IEEE 802.11b (optional)
  • Bluetooth (optional)
  • barcode reader (optional)
  • GPS modul (optional)
  • camera (optional)

To use the ROUTE MASTER system for outpatient sales or proof of delivery applications,
portable printers with the following characteristics are required:

  • connection: Bluetooth ili RS232
  • protocol: ESC/P ili PCL
  • paper size: Form, Perforated, Roll; any dimension
  • council temperature: -10°C do +50°C
  • power supply: 12/24V one-way


To install the SBackoffice client side application of the ROUTE MASTER system, you need a PC computer with the following minimum requirements:

  • processor: Intel Celeron 2GHz
  • memory: 1GB RAM
  • disk: 50 GB HDD
  • screen size: 17“ display
  • LAN: network adapter 10/100/1000 Mb
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8

Data Integrator

For the Data Integrator to work as a background server of the ROUTE MASTER system and to install
Microsoft SQL Server, a server with minimum requirements is required as follows:

  • processor: 1 x Intel Xeon or a similar processor (preferably: “dual core” or “quad core”)
  • memory: min. 3 GB DDR2 RAM
  • disk: min. 80 GB HDD
  • LAN: 1Gb network adapter
  • OS: Windows 2003 server SP1 or above

For smaller systems with a small number of users of the SBackoffice application, it is also possible to install it on a regular higher-performance PC with Windows 7 Professional operating system.