Route Master

Field sales support system

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Route Master

Software solutions for mobile devices

Save time, reduce costs, and increase field force productivity

  • Track sales on the ground

    Record of customer visits, customer orders, proof of delivery, invoicing, records of the equipment. Monitoring of agreed promotions, additional point of sale displays and market share, competition ... Records of all other activities: filling in custom questionnaires and forms and meeting the set goals and tasks.

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  • Effects and savings

    An automated process from taking orders to delivery - no rewriting. All customer and sales information is available at one place - no additional preparation before going to the field. All field activities are recorded and archived in the system - there is no need to write daily / weekly reports when returning from the field.

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  • Technical information

    Route Master is a mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets. The application works in offline mode and synchronizes data to the central database on the back server as needed. Sales officers and management, in the back office part of the application, monitor and control activities, and manage the work of sales representatives in the field.

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Work and Opportunities

Basic functionality of the system

Sales • Orders • Van Sales • Proof of Delivery • Merchandising • Record of POS Equipment • Field force monitoring • Questionnaires - Forms - Tasks

Route Master

Mobile app for smartphones or tablets with Android operating system.

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Windows OS application for controling, monitoring and managing the entire Route Master system. Available also through the internet browser within the network.

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Data integrator

Continuous (24/7) communication software on the Route Master server. Automated service for managing all data transfers in the system: from / to mobile devices and to / from the business information system of the company.

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